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Our Values

We believe that the best tech solutions come from collaborative thinking. By staying ahead of industry trends and being competitive in the market, we created India’s first EV charging technology that provides next-level convenience to consumers.


Embracing eco-friendly practices for a greener planet.

Net Zero

Dedicated to eliminating our carbon footprint.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring personalized service and unwavering support.

Supportive Environment

Cultivating a nurturing space for innovative ideas.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Encouraging teamwork to achieve common goals.

Let's hear from our employees


MCS Cargar Pvt. Ltd. fosters a collaborative and innovative work environment, making it a fantastic learning experience. I'll always appreciate the guidance from the team and the chance to contribute to a real-world problem.


Working at Cargar has been incredible, right from day one, your contributions are appreciated and you are valued being part of the team! Cargar is more than just a workplace, proud to be a part of such positive organisation!


The work culture at Cargar was very dynamic. Whether you are experienced or naive, your inputs are well taken into consideration. The management at Cargar was very active and they were very professional when it comes to dealing with employees. Also they have organised events which add up to the employee's mental well being.


I've been working with the Cargar since Sep, 2021. It was a great experience working with the core team and the Co-founders Mr. Raj Anupam and Mr. Kayavan Shah. Enabling fast charging solution for the EVs. It gave me depth exposure to EV industry and the core technology.


At Cargar, the collaborative environment fostered immense learning. I was constantly challenged to grow, both personally and professionally. The team valued open communication, and I had the autonomy to take ownership of my projects, which empowerd me to develop new skills.

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