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We are simplifying the process of charging electric vehicles and bring next level of convenience, flexibility & reliability to you.

We are making your EV charging easy. Like, SUPER EASY!


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Why Cargar?

Cargar is a new age climate tech company providing India's first flexible, portable & greener electric vehicle fast charging technology for making EV adoption truly sustainable and scalable. We solve the space-time constraints of charging stations and relieves anxiety about charging electric vehicles.

Our state-of-the-art hardware technology platform provides unprecedented energy delivery for fast charging electric vehicle or powering anything electric anywhere-anytime and target an inconvenience of current local EV charging system.

We deliver energy at most convenience.

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum Flexibility
We dont want to bind EV users with time, Cargar gives at most flexibility and reliability to charge EVs without any constraints.

Net Zero Compliant
Net Zero Compliant
Our tech platform is integrated with renewable energy like solar to power anything electric and reducing reliance on traditional power sources.
Truly Portable
Truly Portable
We are India's first portable fast charging solution that needs no civil work or major utility upgrade making any location a charging location in ZERO TIME.

Fast Charging Tech
Fast Charging Tech
We ensure 100% safe & intelligent fast charging for your electric vehicle. Our backend tech monitors & maintain battery while fast charging keeping it safe & cool!


eX10sn is the game-changer for electric vehicle charging. This portable, easy-to-deploy charger transforms any location into a charging hub.

India's first portable EV fast charger

Extend, Plug-in, Charge.

eX10sn is an on-grid portable EV fast charging device that needs zero civil work, lower utility upgrade and can be moved in 10-20m radius in a parking location. It is designed and developed 100% in India for Indian metro cities and also ready to cater the upcoming demands from rest of the world.

On-grid portable

Unparalleled flexibility for charging EVs at different locations.

Fast charge

Ready to go in 30 mins.

Easy payments

No more complex billing. Simple payment through UPI.

Plug & play

Expand charging networks without any constraints.

Zero civil-work

Avoid expensive installation and upgrades.

Charger Specifications
Output Voltage
Upto 1000 V
Output Power
20-30 kW
CCS T2 Combo
3 Phase AC

High utilization with higher accessibility is key for successful EV charging business, and this can be very well satisfied with eX10sn. With eX10sn operators can have lesser number of charging assets to charge same amount of charging demands instead of multiple unutilized fixed charger.

eX10sn works best with

Any parking space

Any basement parking

Any residential / corporate parking


The SOLe EV charger automatically uses available solar energy for EV charging. It's not just eco-friendly; it's wallet-friendly too!

India's first solar integrated EV charger

Drive with the sun, not the grid.

With easy installation and seamless integration, the SOLe charger transforms your vehicle into a sustainable powerhouse.

Say goodbye to grid dependence and hello to a brighter, greener future with SOLe charger!

7.4kW AC fast charging (CCS T2)

Renewable energy-centric

Intelligent power synchronization

Reduced electricity bill

Easy installation

integration (optional)

SOLe Variants

Charge from the grid.

Charge from solar and the grid.

SOLe works best with

Any solar rooftop household

Any solar parking space


A state-of-the-art hardware technology platform that can power anything electric utilizing green energy for true sustainability & net zero.

World's first 100% off-grid super-fast EV charger

Now any location can be a charging station.

Electron is a 100% off-grid and mobile energy delivery device that can be hailed or scheduled to your doorstep and can charge your electric vehicle in less than 30 mins or power anything electric with no constraints.

100% off-grid mobile

An ultimate power bank to back your unlimited electric drive.

Net zero

Utilize green energy for true sustainability.

On-demand hail/schedule

Doorstep fast charging anywhere-anytime.

Super fast energy

Flash charge in less than 30 mins.

All weather proof

Works in all - Indian heat to Indian cold.

Intelligent & smart platform

It knows that suits your EVs with maximum up time.

A 100% made in India technology for the world is a promissing to change the way people will charge their EVs bringing next level of convenience, reliability & efficiency.

Imagine you sitting comfortably on your coach and your EV is getting charged hassle-free.

With our portable/mobile charging platform technology, you don't have to waste your energy looking for a charging station or wait for boring time.

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