Cargar Technology Platform


Our state-of-the-art hardware technology platform is designed to power anything electric anywhere-anytime.

The unpresidented integration of all the modular sub systems with the platform gives the highest flexibility, reliability, and efficiency.

Cargar tech platform solves EV charging and energy delivery problem by flexible fast to super fast energy converson with easy renewable energy integration.

Highly flexible
Highly efficient
Super fast energy conversion
Unmatched safety
Highly modular

Meet the demand
when and where needed

Our Energy and Charge as a Service (E/CaaS) platform serves your energy requirements wherever and whenever needed and makes any place a charging location.

We change our operational shape as per the time of the day and the days of the week making the life easy of the operator and users. Our software tech stack is uniquely designed to serve all your energy need on one click.

We meet you when & where you need us.
We maximise the asset utilization.
We save your time, as we know your time is important.
Lesser assets can deliver same amount of energy.

Cargar Pay

An integrated payment method that is designed to make shift from ICE to EV easy, like super easy!

Cargar Pay helps any operator (CPOs, real-estate - residential / corporate, hotels, malls, etc.) to enjoy in easiest and effective way to earn more with the charging assets that comes with built-in hardware kiosk.

And makes EV users to pay for charging (without any mandatory application to be installed) like never before.

Just scan, pay, charge, go!